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Stink Stick Scent Dispenser with EverCalm

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Stink Stick with EverCalm allows you to use our rugged Stink Stick scent dispenser with our EverCalm scent. The scent comes in our popular wax formula and placed inside a small round tube which can easily be placed inside the Stink Stick dispenser. 

  • Comes with a yellow Stink Stick and one tube of EverCalm.
  • Durable string allows you to strategically hang your Stink Stick in your hunting area.

  • Use multiple Stink Sticks with EverCalm for maximum scent coverage.

  • Allows you to mark yardages for better accuracy.

  • Tapered threads keeps air out when the dispenser when it is closed.
  • An added benefit is you can take the scent back out of the woods with you when you are done hunting.